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Claremont Creek Ventures is a seed and early-stage venture capital firm investing in digital solutions that transform essential, broad-impact industries.

About Claremont Creek Ventures

Claremont Creek Ventures is a seed and early-stage venture capital firm, founded by experienced entrepreneurs to partner with other entrepreneurs in building ambitious, exceptional technology companies. 

Digital Innovation Meets Essential Industries

We invest in digital solutions with the potential to transform essential, broad-impact industries such as healthcare and energy. These large industry sectors have historically been slow to adopt emerging technologies in mobility, big data analytics, edge intelligence and user-centric design. CCV is committed to partnering with a new generation of technology startups creating high-growth, high-margin and capital efficient businesses in these sectors. Our portfolio companies deliver products and services that help these industries enjoy the faster speed-to-market, lower cost structure, greater transparency and creative potential of digitization.

Active, Early-Stage Investing

We practice “Lifecycle Venturing” by building active and meaningful relationships with entrepreneurs alongside or even ahead of early-stage funding events. Our preference is to lead the earliest investment round, allowing us to collaborate with entrepreneurs when their business concept is still evolving, their operating model is adaptable, and our capital and operating expertise can be most useful. We then help establish business partnerships and build strong syndicates with premier venture and corporate investors to successfully navigate each phase of growth.  

Our Experience 

We approach venture investing with an operator’s perspective. Our team has decades of management and product experience building high-growth technology companies. This gives us a collaborative mindset that anchors the relationships we build with every entrepreneur in the CCV portfolio.

Our Team

Claremont Creek Ventures was founded in 2005 by Nat Goldhaber, John Steuart and Randy Hawks to pursue early stage investing in exceptional technology startups.

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Nat Goldhaber

Managing Director ...

Randy Hawks

Managing Director ...

Brad Webb, PhD

Venture Partner ...

Gianna Conci Orozco

Finance Manager ...


Alphabet Energy, Inc. is commercializing a breakthrough, inexpensive waste heat recovery technology developed at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. With it, the company will be able to tap into the $1 trillion world market for the conversion of waste heat into electricity, with the potential to offset as much as 500 million metric tonnes of carbon per year
Alter G (formerly Tibion) is a medical device company in the orthopedic space developing active orthotic devices to improve the quality of life for the mobility impaired – those with loss of muscle function due to disease, injury, aging, or surgery.
Assurerx Health has developed a pharmacogenomic test to assist physicians in evaluating and choosing the right medications for their patients who have mental health conditions. Assurex Health is a recognized leader in personalized medicine, the use of genomic data for better health care.  The proprietary technology the company has developed is based on pharmacogenomics, the science and understanding of genetic factors that influence response to drug treatments.
Billeo offers virtual consolidation of bills for consumers through its unique browser toolbar solution. By providing direct access to biller Web sites, Billeo enables consumers to view and pay online bills directly.
Blue Pillar provides Internet of Things equipment connectivity, critical power and energy management solutions, and centralized multisite facilities to critical and complex facilities that improve energy resiliency, efficiency, and overall facility operations.
CellScope CellScope brings microscopy to a mobile phone platform. One of the most basic—yet powerful—tools in all of science and medicine is the microscope. We have designed equipment to turn the camera of a standard cell phone into a diagnostic-quality microscope with a magnification of 5x-60x. Cellphone microscopy will enable visualization of samples, followed by capture, organization, and transmission of images critical for diagnosis. This technology is applicable in a wide range of applications beyond diagnostic medicine.
Clean Power Finance, Inc. is dedicated to the mass market adoption of renewable energy. The company partners with renewable energy providers and lenders to make residential and commercial systems easy and affordable.
Comfy is changing the way people interact with their workplaces. With deep roots in advanced computing and thoughtful user experience, our Oakland-based team of nerds dreams up unconventional software solutions for everyone, from the people who operate the building to the people who fill it.
Cureus is the medical journal for a new generation of both doctors AND patients. Leveraging the power of an online, crowd-sourced community platform, Cur?us promotes medical research by offering tools that better serve and highlight the people who create it, resulting in better research, faster publication and easier access for everyone.
DNAnexus - a pioneer in cloud-based solutions for large-scale DNA data management and analysis, was designed to accelerate basic science and clinical breakthroughs by providing a centralized hub for managing data, collaborating with other scientists, sharing tools, and accessing diverse reference datasets, including genotypic and phenotypic data. The platform provides labs of any size a secure and compliant cloud platform that supports the unlimited scaling of computational and storage resources.
ecoATM is the first company to create an automated self-serve kiosk system that uses patented, advanced machine vision, electronic diagnostics, and artificial intelligence to evaluate and buy-back used electronics directly from consumers for cash or store credit.
EcoFactor ’s automated energy management service can save 20-40% of HVAC energy use without sacrificing comfort, and gives utilities a more powerful and cost-effective tool for demand management.
Element Energy
Element Energy develops leading-edge technology for the management of multi-cell battery systems.  Their initial product is a cost effective hardware/software system that manages large lithium battery packs.  (acquired by Volterra)
Energy Cache Energy Cache is developing the most cost effective grid-scale energy storage technology to date. Mass installation of volatile energy sources can place tremendous stress on the electrical grid. Energy Cache's extremely low-cost energy storage solution improves grid reliability, better manages the transmission network, and enables wide-spread adoption of renewable energy at the lowest possible cost to consumers.
Fluxion Biosciences has developed the revolutionary CellFlux microfluidics technology for conducting critical research and drug discovery at the cellular level. The CellFlux platform delivers a robust, high-performance, economical solution for single-cell analysis.
Genalyte has developed and is commercializing a laboratory protein and nucleic acid detection system based on revolutionary microring sensor technology.  Unlike older systems, this new approach to biomarker detection uses a silicon chip containing arrays of photonic ring sensors that reduce or eliminate sample preparation and provide scalable multiplexing for both proteins and nucleic acids in rapid time periods. The one-step workflow of the system can deliver accurate results in as little as 10 minutes from small sample volumes. It has a large dynamic range and excellent sensitivity with outstanding reproducibility.
GeneWEAVE Inc. is a clinical diagnostics company addressing multi-drug-resistant organisms (MDRO).  The Company’s Smarticles™ technology is a new class of molecular diagnostics that can quickly detect MDROs and assess antibiotic susceptibility directly from clinical samples.
GigaGen Many of today’s most severe diseases come as a result of immune system dysregulation. GigaGen’s proprietary approach delivers unprecedented insights into immune regulatory pathways and what causes them to fail, enabling a pipeline of novel antibody therapies for patients with cancer and immune deficiency diseases.
Lefora (f.k.a. Meetro) provides an online forum service that enables anyone to easily create elegant, searchable, media rich online disucussion forums. Lefora has been acquired by CrowdGather.
Natera is a leading genetic testing company in prenatal care, offering a simple, non-invasive and comprehensive maternal blood test to identify fetal genetic abnormalities.  Natera provides a host of preconception and prenatal genetic testing services, including pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, carrier screening, screening of fetal chromosomal anomalies, and conception testing to understand cause of pregnancy loss after a miscarriage.  What’s novel and unique is its proprietary bioinformatics-based technology (NATUS) to deliver accurate and comprehensive high-throughput testing for reproductive indications from tiny quantities of DNA.
Numedii, Inc. has developed IT technologies that scour enormous public and private drug and disease databases to unearth novel drug candidates that will have a higher probability of therapeutic success when incorporated into a pharmaceutical development plan. The company uses its Big Data technology to translate these novel disease-drug discoveries into new indications for existing drugs and optimal indications for drugs in development. The company partners with pharmaceutical companies for the clinical development and commercialization of its newly discovered drug candidates.
Project Frog Energy and conservation investment. A technology company whose products will overcome the inefficiencies of traditional construction.
PropertyBridge is a leading provider of electronic payment processing services for the real estate management industry, offering an integrated, flexible infrastructure that makes it easy for property managers to build secure, friendly online payment solutions. PropertyBridge, CCV's first investment, has been acquired by MoneyGram.
Renewable Funding develops innovative finance and technology solutions designed to transform America's economy to clean energy.
RidePal is a provider of convenient, comfortable, Wi-Fi-enabled bus rides for corporate employees. RidePal balances commuter preferences and their employers’ needs and optimizes pick-up points and route scheduling. RidePal provides rides for the employees of more than 30 companies, and delivers happy and relaxed workers to their place of business and saves commuters’ time every week.
Root3 Balance system enables smart central energy plants. Balance does for heating, cooling and cogeneration plant what smart buildings technology does for building, just on a bigger scale with bigger impacts. Because engineering models and hardware only allow you to use 70-80% of the fuel and electricity you purchase. Balance will help you use as close to 100% of the fuel and electricity you purchase as possible (without any new hardware).
Sentilla has a platform that provides demand-side energy management solutions for data centers, commercial and industrial facilities. Sentilla’s solution is in use in a wide array of applications -- from agriculture, to safety and security, to transportation and logistics.
ShotSpotter develops gunshot and weapons-fire location systems and technologies which it sells in the law enforcement, homeland security, and military markets. The company's flagship law enforcement product reports the precise location of gunfire to police within seconds, thus producing countless arrests and numerous saved lives.
SmartZip Analytics is a national leader in predictive marketing solutions for real estate and related industries. Using patent-pending home intelligence, predictive analytics and automated marketing campaigns, SmartZip’s SmartTargeting platform offers an integrated solution that identifies top prospects accurately and helps reach them through precisely targeted online and offline marketing channels. In addition, leading national real estate companies, including,,,,, and others rely on SmartZip’s best-of-breed analytics for their online businesses.
Yerdle is a people-powered store with the best prices on earth. Our inventory is the billions of useful items sitting idle in homes and storage spaces. On yerdle, you post items to earn credits and shop for what you want. Together, we make it easy to save money and reduce waste. Shop Freely!
Zipline Medical is developing a family of products designed to expedite the skin closure procedure every surgon must perform. Sutures are typically considered the gold standard with regards to to scarring, but their use is time-consuming. Surgical staples save considerable operative time, but can leave "track marks" leading to an inferior scar as compared to suture closure. Zipline Medical's skin closure technology combines the advantages of sutures (less scarring) and staples (speed) and enables fast and precise closure with excellent cosmetic results. The technology can be used for closure of surgical incisions and skin biopsies, and for post-surgical pain control.

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For Entrepreneurs

If you are starting or building a company that you feel would be a good fit with Claremont Creek, we welcome the opportunity to explore a relationship.  Given the volume of plans we receive, we find that the best way to begin a dialogue is through a personal introduction – a fellow entrepreneur, angel investor, venture capitalist, attorney or someone we know in common who understands our investment process. 


**Disclaimer: Do not submit any information or other materials that you consider to be confidential or proprietary. Because of the large number of business plans and related materials that we review, and the similarity of many such plans and materials, we cannot accept responsibility for protecting against misuse or disclosure of any confidential or proprietary information or other materials in the absence of our express written agreement to do so.

For Press

Press contact: Jennifer Jones 650-465-5831


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CCV is located in the Rotunda Building in the Frank H. Ogawa Plaza.


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CCV is located in the Rotunda Building in the Frank H. Ogawa Plaza.

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