Molecular Diagnostics World Congress, Venture Capitalists’ Best Practices on Commercializing Innovation

John SteuartI will be moderating a panel, Venture Capitalists’ Best Practices on Commercializing Innovation at the Molecular Diagnostics World Congress on September 29, 2011 at the South San Francisco Conference Center.

Molecular Diagnostics World Congress 2011

Here’s the panel topic summary, hope to see you there.

Successful venture capital investing in molecular diagnostics requires proper commercialization of innovation. But how does this innovation get brought to market?  The panel will explore the challenges of commercialization in a still-difficult business environment. These challenges include the cost-efficient development of technology that is truly disruptive yet cost-competitive. Panelists will discuss how to best determine the size of a market and how to assess a competitive landscape.  Startups that surmount these challenges then have to weigh the best route to capitalize on the investment, typically via acquisition or an IPO. While IPOs are typically most desired, VCs will discuss why acquisitions are far more common, as well as the pros and cons of guiding the development of a startup for an eventual sale.