Welcome to the Claremont Creek Ventures blog.

This blog is primarily for you – the entrepreneur. As investors in seed and early-stage entrepreneurs in three sectors–energy conservation and management, healthcare IT, and security—we want to have a community that we build together where we discuss our investments and all the challenges and opportunities you are facing. We know others will read our blog including our own investors, but we wanted to specifically focus on those who have the big dreams and to whom our success is tightly linked.

We’ll be talking about what our passion points are, and discussing topics that affect you. How do you get financed in today’s environment, how should you evaluate a term sheet, and how do we calculate valuations? But, it’s not just about the money. After you attract financing, we will assist you in working more effectively by discussing management of your Board, and how you optimize your relationships with your management team, employees and investors. We’ll also offer advice on scaling your business, creating strategic partnerships, and keeping key employees in a tough business environment.

We want this blog to talk about the topics that matter to you.

So thanks for joining us and let’s start some great conversations.