Claremont Creek Ventures makes the Greentechgrid: Top Ten VCs in Smart Grid

September 21, 2010 source: greentechgrid

Michael Kanellos’ article on The Top Ten VCs in Smart Grid; Who has the best investments for fixing the grid and automating power demand? lauds Claremont Creek Ventures and its portfolio companies:

Adura Technologies, EcoFactor (home energy management) Sentilla (energy management for data centers). EcoFactor, whose HAN doesn’t require a smart meter, won the Cleantech Open last year, while Adura won the alumni award.

If you’re imaginative, you could add Alphabet Energy to the list. The company has devised silicon nanowire semiconductors for converting waste heat into electricity. In a sense, it’s the three yards just beyond the smart grid, turning heat that was purchased as electricity back into electricity. These companies constitute the bulk of Claremont’s investments. I couldn’t find a biofuel or CIGS company in the bunch.

Claremont also gets hats off for finding portfolio companies in their early stages and at universities. The firm keeps office hours at UC schools.”