Claremont Creek Ventures portfolio company Tibion’s VP of Engineering Matt Murphy shows off the Tibion Bionic Limb on CBS Morning News

October 9, 2011 source: CBS News

As part of CBS morning news, TIBION was profiled by correspondent Barry Peterson. At approximately four minutes 21 seconds into the video, see how TIBION stands out. We are proud of our portfolio company that is getting worldwide recognition.

The next step in bionics

The new world of high-tech prosthetics includes the Tibion Bionic limb, that helps stroke victims re-learn how to use their legs. It teaches a damaged brain that the leg it thinks is paralyzed can still move. And over repetition, it actually starts making you believe, in effect, I can do this,'” said Matt Murphy, vice president of engineering at Tibion Corporation.

“The whole intent is that after you’ve had your rehabilitation with the bionic leg on your leg, you would then, after the session, go home and begin putting more weight on that leg, that you actually have more confidence. It’s like, ‘Okay, I’m going to try a little bit more. I’m going to be a little bit more daring with this leg.’ And over time, they actually get confidence back, that in fact, the leg is okay. They just have to use it more.”

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