Claremont Creek Ventures supports SXSW Eco conference

Nat GoldhaberWe’re suporting the conference on October 3-5 2012. SXSW Eco will feature sessions from experts in the public, private and academic sectors committed to finding solutions for a sustainable world. We’ve also submitted a panel suggestion which we are learning later this month if it’s been accepted, but here’s our thought leadership on the topic: How Intelligence at the Edge Creates a Greener Grid—What we are seeing today is that consumers are demanding low-cost, simple and dependable energy, but are also looking for ways to make an environmental impact. One of the greatest opportunities providing the most benefits is through demand-side management (DSM). DSM, according to PacifiCorp, involves reducing electricity through activities or programs that promote electric energy efficiency or conservation, or more efficient electric energy loads. Innovations in DSM, like web-based services and automation technologies, deliver predictable revenue streams and benefits to both end-users and grid operators. Specifically for consumer and enterprise customers, DSM solutions provide security, comfort, and compliance – ancillary benefits that have been shown to drive adoption. Other benefits include reducing greenhouse gases, aggressive management of energy usage (according to a McKinsey study based on pilots conducted by Hydro One in Canada – customers reduced their electricity consumption by 6.5 percent based on information provided through their in-home display) and financial or other incentives.

To analyze how and why these innovations have been so successful and beneficial to consumers, Claremont Creek is planning to convene a panel to share their expertise and experiences.

The panel will discuss the benefits of web-based analytics and automation for:


  • Adapt to preferences and changing conditions
  • Increase convenience via automation
  • Lower energy bills


  • Increase critical power reliability, emergency preparedness and compliance
  • Improve energy-asset cyber-security
  • Aggregate multiple sites and channel partners
  • Provide transparency around economics/real-time prices
  • Lower overall cost of energy asset ownership
  • Contribute to sustainability

In addition, this panel will discuss:

  • Why these innovations are valuable to utilities and end customers
  • How advanced DSM technologies stack up
  • How utilities and facilities evaluate, select, and manage DSM partners and programs