Law Enforcement Expert William J. Bratton Joins ShotSpotter, Inc. Board

Randy Hawks
Randy Hawks, Managing Director

With today’s law enforcement agencies struggling to combat rising gun violence with limited resources, it is important to have great minds working together to create a safer world.

shotspotter_sm-logoOn April 12, 2013 ShotSpotter Inc. (SST, Inc), a law enforcement data solutions company, welcomed Bill Bratton to the company’s board of directors. Bratton, a thought leader in modern policing, is the creator of CompStat, a multilayered dynamic approach to crime reduction program he introduced to New York City Police Department during his tenure as NYPD’s Police Commissioner. Since its implementation, the system has been replicated in major cities worldwide – Vancover, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C.

Bill Bratton

Bratton brings more than 40 years of experience in crime reduction strategies, holding positions as the former Chief of Police of the Los Angeles Police Department and Police Commissioner of the New York City and Boston Police Department. Currently, Bratton is the chief executive officer of The Bratton Group, LLC and Bratton Technologies, companies developing a public safety social network for police and security to help reduce emergency response times.

Bill Bratton’s expertise adds to SST, Inc.’s decade-plus long operation to help law enforcement and government agencies across the globe curb gun violence. Its gunfire alert and analysis solution ShotSpotter™ Flex detects gunfire incidents in real-time. Shotspotter’s deep domain experience with data analysis to develop concrete intelligence for law enforcement agencies to drive crime reduction measures at lower costs attracted Bratton to this new position.

Kudos on the new position, Bill. We are glad to have you on the team!
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