Local Storage: Investing Opportunities Abound

October 26, 2010   source: AlwaysOn, Networking the Global Silicon Valley

Nat Goldhaber article, Local Storage: Investing Opportunities Abound was featured on the AlwaysOn website.

“Claremont Creek Ventures’ Nat Goldhaber looks deeper into Bloom Energy’s “power plant in a box” and finds an off-grid solution that has a good chance of becoming a success.

Earlier this year, Silicon Valley startup Bloom Energy Corp. introduced a fuel cell device called the Bloom Box. The company said it can generate electricity at a lower price, with subsidies, than utility-supplied power in many areas, and it can power an entire home. Some call the invention—a small, square-shape device about the size of a brick—a “power plant in a box.”

The company’s on-site power generation systems utilize a technology with roots in NASA’s Mars program. Bloom Energy can produce clean and reliable power anywhere from a wide range of traditional or renewable fuel sources, including natural gas, wind, solar and biomass. And a bigger, commercial-grade version of the Bloom Box is being tested by large corporations such as FedEx, Walmart, Safeway and Google. Last month, Adobe Systems, a recognized leader in green building, announced completion of the largest Bloom Energy fuel cell so far at its headquarters in downtown San Jose, one designed to supply about a third of the electricity of the high-rise campus…”

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