March 21, 2011  source: NVCAccess

— Emily Mendell interviewed Claremont Creek Ventures’ Micah Myers –

Today’s Monday meeting is with Micah Myers of Claremont Creek Ventures. Micah joined Claremont Creek Ventures in 2009. Prior to joining Claremont Creek Ventures, Micah worked as an Analyst with the energy team at Passport Capital where he focused on both public and private investments in the renewable energy sector and as a Product Manager at Clean Power Finance, a residential solar finance start up. He has been in operational roles for over 15 years, and has experience in renewable energy, software and finance. Micah served more than eleven years active duty in the United States Marine Corps as a fighter pilot flying the F/A-18 Hornet and continues to serve as a reserve officer in the select reserves. His investment protfolio includes Alphabet Energy, Inc.and Clean Power Finance, Inc.

Micah MeyersMicah Myers, Principal, Claremont Creek Ventures

Q. From which industry sector do you think we will see the most innovation in the next 2 years?

A. Competition over global resources is becoming more readily noticeable everyday, and it’s creating an imperative for innovation across several sectors that have traditionally been sleepy and quiet. Simultaneous advancements in material science along with innovative applications of information and wireless communications technologies have made disruption possible. Economic pressures are quickly amassing to make it feasible. Sectors to watch:

    • Utilities: Electric Utilities and Water Utilities
    • Consumer Goods: Automotive
    • Industrial Goods: Building Materials, Pollution & Treatment Controls, Waste Management

Q. 2011 is the year of …


Q. The biggest threat to the US venture capital industry is

A. Anti-business legislation, tax, and regulation that hamstrings U.S. industry and thwarts our ability to be competitive on a global stage. Lack of [political] commitment to develop consistent, predictable policy that promotes investment and long term value creation in energy and resource technologies.

Q. What is your favorite book of the last year?

A. ELECTRIC POWER SYSTEMS – Alexandra von Meier – A technical overview of the complexities of our electrical grid infrastructure written for non-EE-PhD’s.

Q. Name a venture-backed company you are not invested in but wish you were.


Q. Name a practicing VC from another firm who you admire and why?

A. Dan Oros (KPCB Greentech Team) is rising star who rolls up his sleeves and contributes to real value creation and operational success in the portfolio companies with whom he works. He brings perspective from a hedge fund background and has investment experience in some of the early, pioneering renewable energy technologies and developments. He’s one to watch.