SmartZip’s Predictive Marketing platform achieves 300% annual growth

Randy Hawks
Randy Hawks, Managing Director

SmartZip predictive logoClaremont Creek Ventures is proud of the recent success of our eCommerce/payment portfolio company, SmartZip. During the first quarter of 2013, SmartZip’s SmartTargeting solution for real estate professionals achieved a 300% revenue increase over the same quarter just one year ago. In this current real estate climate, these results are impressive to say the least.

SmartZip’s national platform of real estate big data and patent-pending predictive analytics helps real estate agents identify and target homeowners that are most likely to sell in the near future, based on thousands of historical and current data points. On average, SmartZip-identified prospects have more than twice the likelihood of selling their home than normal. For a real estate agent, doubling their odds of getting a listing could translate to a huge competitive edge and thousands of commission dollars.

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