Successful new ShotSpotter installation in Brazil produces results within 24 hours

October 4, 2010 source: ShotSpotter

“Just 24 hours after the inauguration of the ShotSpotter Gunshot Location System in Canoas, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, Police made their first arrest thanks to their use of this new technology.  On Tuesday, September 28, at 3:49pm, the Shotspotter system detected the sound of gunfire and provided its exact location in the Guajuviras neighborhood, generating an alarm at the local 15th Batallin of the Military Police.  “The alarm went off and and everyone got up.  The system confirmed that at that precise time, there was a gun discharge,” said the Commandante of the 15th Battalion, Major Gerson Dias Gomes.  One team left for the site in minutes, identified and apprehended the shooter, whom they found to be armed with a Czech-made 7.65mm pistol.”