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Exciting New Acquisition: ecoATM Acquired By Coinstar, now called Outerwall

By Randy Hawks / July 2, 2013 / 0 Comments

I am thrilled to announce today that Coinstar, now called Outerwall (NASDAQ:OUTR), the publicly held purveyor of 64,000 coin-counting and Redbox movie and video game rental kiosks, has acquired Claremont Creek portfolio company ecoATM for $350 million in cash.  What a promising acquisition it is! ecoATM makes automated, self-serve kiosks that quickly evaluate and buy back […]

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Cleantech Startup Investing Out of Favor? Not So for Corporate Investors

By Paul Straub / April 9, 2013 / 0 Comments

April 8, 2013  source: This article was originally published on PEHub Many VCs have pulled back from funding energy technologies and cleantech startups, and have been replaced by corporate venture capitalists. Entrepreneurs and traditional VCs alike are finding opportunities where corporate partners provide a critical ingredient that substantially increases their likelihood of success. During the […]

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Venture Capital Journal

The Return of Corporates

By Claremont Creek Alerts / August 9, 2011 / 0 Comments

VCs say they have seen the rising interest first hand. Nat Goldhaber, managing director of Claremont Creek Ventures, says seven of his portfolio companies have received interest from corporates in the past three months. At this time last year, none had. August 8, 2011  source: Venture Capital Journal Corporate VCs are more active again as […]

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Claremont Creek Ventures Sees An Uptick In Corporate Venture Capital: Interest Leverages Growth For Portfolio Companies

By Nat Goldhaber / July 6, 2011 / 0 Comments

I was chatting recently with Venture Capital Journal’s Mark Boslet about a story concerning corporate venture capital investing and realized that Claremont Creek Ventures is among those VC firms witnessing first-hand heightened interest among corporations investing in venture-backed startups. We’re seeing activity, in particular, in healthcare and in clean technology, and it’s a good thing. […]

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Claremont Creek Ventures was founded in 2005 by Nat Goldhaber, John Steuart and Randy Hawks to pursue early stage investing in exceptional technology startups.

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Nat Goldhaber is a co-founder of Claremont Creek Ventures. 

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Brad is focused on the role of genomics and biomarker data analytics in driving the next generation of diagnostics and drug development.

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Randy Hawks is a co-founder of Claremont Creek Ventures.

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