Trading Devices for Dollars In The News: ecoATM in The Economist

December 10, 2012 source: The Economist

Randy Hawks

It’s the holiday season and this year, 4G smartphones and tablets are the gifts most desired under the Christmas tree. But buying that new iPhone or Android could have its consequences.  As mobile-phone technology advances by the minute, holding on to yesterday’s popular cell phone make and model becomes passé, and unfortunately, more likely than not, that “old” cell ends up in the dump. Market-research firm Recon Analytics finds that the average American phone is replaced every 22 months, and with the Pew Internet and American Life Project citing that 85% of American adults own a cell phone, one can assume that millions of perfectly good mobile devices are alongside rotting foodstuffs and dirty diapers
ecoATM brand logoThat’s where ecoATM  comes into play and their brilliance was highlighted for its quest to disrupt the technology recycling industry in the Economist: Trading devices for dollars.
As a Board member, I am excited to share that ecoATM will exit 2012 with 300 kiosks deployed. In 2013, the company will expand its operations across the US to tackle our national e-waste crisis.